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Emet's history goes back to the fall of 2017 when God began working in the lives of a few friends and Emet Church was born.  In March 2018 we officially formed the church.

What began as 8 people quickly grew to many families having church in homes around the Humble area.  In September 2018 we opened the doors for our first public service in our current location.

You can find us on Sunday speaking Truth in our messages, engaging in worship with one of our many worship leaders and having meaningful fellowship with our members and guests.   All are welcome.

At Emet Church, we are on mission to live a gospel-centered life, love the church in a way that shows Jesus is love, and craving to bless the community and the world.

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Seeking more information...

If you are seeking more information about Emet Church we are happy to put you in touch with the person who can answer your questions.

Please email office@emet-church.org or call us at 346-246-4242